Volunteer Application

Do you have an interest in the medical field, military, or just in helping others? Hampton Rescue is looking for new members who are interested in serving our community! 

Must be age 16 or older, be in good physical health and be interested in helping others.

The Hampton Rescue Squad serves the Hampton Borough (Hunterdon County) and surrounding areas by responding to a wide variety of emergencies, ranging from life threatening situations to routine citizen requests for information or assistance.

Our volunteers are all required to perform within the scope of the policies and procedures of Hampton Rescue Squad under the NJ State EMS Department and they perform duties in the following general categories: emergency medical aid or rescue, hazardous material responses, training, and public education. 

All volunteers normally work under the supervision of a company officer and are expected to function effectively as part of a highly trained team. They are also expected
to perform their duties under adverse conditions and physical conditions that may pose a high risk of personal injury or exposure to hazardous conditions or infectious diseases.

All members are required to attend regularly scheduled training in order to maintain the high level of knowledge, skill and ability necessary to function safely and effectively as an EMS provider in accordance with state law, county protocols, and standard operating guidelines.


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